Januar 2 – No Northern Lights

I need to go to the northern lights tour to fulfill an important request from Artline (my best friend, if it’s not already clear). She is not here in human, but at least her plushie is with me, and she wants to watch the northern lights. So despite aching legs (walked too much yesterday), I went to a travel agency to buy a Northern Lights bus tour from Sterna Travel.

I then wondered a bit on Laugavegur, and plötzlich:


Return of the pun plate.


Af hverju er Grýla alltaf í vondu skapi?
Því það logar aldrei á þessum bannsettum grýlukertum.

Why is Grýla always in a bad mood?
Because that bucking icicle never burns.

Here, it’s a joke on the word “grýlukertum”, which means “icicle”, but comes from “Grýla” + “kertum”, literally “Grýla’s candle”. The translation provided on the plate is unrelated and inaccurate.

Hello Kitty confirmed to love Iceland.

I Hello Kitty Iceland – Ég Halló Kettlingur Ísland

At 20:30 I stood outside to wait for the bus to come. It came in 20 minutes and I was carted to Harpa to transfer to a bigger bus. While waiting there, I noticed pristine snow-covered slabs, perfect for drawing on…


Our lives are ephemeral like snow.
We’ll melt away when the sun rises.


Then I went on the bus and the guide started talking about the science of aurora, which I knew all about already (I have, after all, studied electrodynamics).

After some uneventful travelling, the bus finally stopped at a hopeful spot, and we went outside to wait. There was plenty of stars, though I couldn’t take a photo (my cameras were not sensitive), so I simply waited along with Artline. But waited as we might, there was no aurora. We passed the time looking at Orion’s belt and the Big Spoon.

After a while we went on the bus to go to another location. Still no aurora, and the clouds started gathering. The guides started distributing chocolates and hot chocolates, so that’s good… Also, licorice is really untasty!

I got back to Reykjavík 101 at a bit past midnight, tired and disappointed. Will go again tomorrow.


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