Janúar 1 – Going to the Zoo!

Spoiler: I got lost and didn’t actually end up in the zoo, but at least I got hailed on for the first time in my life, then proceeded to get hailed on for the second, third, fourth, and fifth times in my life.

Today I went out at 8 o’clock while it was still dark, intent on reaching the Reykjavík petting zoo and pet some cute animals. I brought along my Artline plushie in my backpack.

I passed Landspítali and went south on Snorrabraut, then went east on Laugavegur. Just as I passed Hlemmur, it started to snow, but it hurt! Then I realized that it was not snowing, but hailing.


My gloves were covered with little hailstones.

Snow, so much snow. Fresh and untrodden, a perfectly smooth white field. It’s like Celestia’s canvas… that means art time! I walked on the snowfield and drew Artline’s cutie mark as well as mine with my hoofprints.


Artline and Cosmia’s cutie marks on a canvas of snow. Click here to embiggen.

I kept going down Laugavegur (whose name becomes Suðurlandsbraut at that point). The hail came and went, the wind was so great that the hailstones flew at an angle about 20° with the ground. The snow piled thick on the pavement and sometimes it felt like with my next step I would fall into a snow pit. A snowtruck drove pass me loudly, shoveling the snow out of the road.

While near Laugardalshöll, stumbling and uncertain, I went down a wrong road, going deeper off the road. There was a faint laser beam in the north sky, and I thought it was the Imagine Peace Tower on Viðey Island (I was right). I realized that it was the wrong way when the road started twisting in unnatural angles, and I couldn’t find the north.

Tired and a little afraid, I turned back. The sky was bluing, and I knew the sun will rise in an hour. I couldn’t find the laser beam anymore, but at least I could follow Suðurlandsbraut. The pavement on the side of the road had only one pair of lonely hoofprints trotting to the east, and they were mine.

I felt cold and loitered near Hilton Hotel, hoping to leech some free WiFi to check Google map. A random stranger greeted me and I replied, “Gleiðilegt nýár.”

I had been walking in wind and hail (I think it hailed five times during my time outside) for 4 hours, 9 km, and I was really tired when I got back. No more adventuring for today.

2016_01_01 Map


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