Desember 29, 30, 31 – Gleiðilegt Nýár

I have not been feeling great after the Christmas, and the impending New Year simply made the feeling worse. There’s little to do and the shops are closed one by one like stars in a dying galaxy due to the coming New Year.

On Desember 29 and 30, I studied mathematics excessively, knot theory, to be precise. This reminds me of a joke: Two mathematicians are sitting together at a lecture. One asks, “What do you do?” The other answers, “Knot theory.” The first replies, “Me neither!”

On Desember 31, I went out, intent on having tea with my dear Artline plushie to celebrate New Year. However, sad, bad things happened.

I tried to take my Artline plushie out to have caramel latte coffee and blueberry muffin, but there were too many people in Kaffitár, so I kept walking to Te og Kaffi, but it was closed, then I walked back to Kaffitár and stood there for a while hoping to find an empty seat, but no luck, and the shopkeeper was starting to look at me as if waiting for my order, so I ran away.

This went on several times. Either the shop was closed, or was too crowded and had no seats. I ended up going back, feeling very sad.

If two socially anxious friends go out together, would they make each other less anxious, or more? This is left as an exercise for the reader. I have a truly elegant proof of the answer, but the margin is staring at me ominously and I’m anxious, and OH GOD I’M HAVING A PANIK

(Was that the world’s first joke about mathematics and panic disorder?)

Feeling very frustrated, I went on a shopping spree Bónus and bought 3500 ISK (about 35 AUD) worth of candies. Sweet candies and sour lemons in your honor, Artline. May we have a 2016 that doesn’t suck too hard.

I slept in early on Nýársnóttin (New Year’s Eve). Exploding colorful noise booming outside the window (yes, fireworks are legal in Reykjavík), but I just wanted darkness.


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