Desember 28 – Half-way Point

I’ve been in Iceland for 20 days… and only 14 more days before I’ll go back home. I feel ambivalent. I usually write my journal entries on what I see and feel about them, but this time I can write more freely.

I came here to experience what living in Reykjavík in winter is like, and get better at Icelandic. I have accomplished the first goal commendably, but not the second goal. I can walk all the way to Seltjarnarnes (the town on on the west of Reykjavík) and back, in a snowing night, but I haven’t spoken a single Icelandic sentence with anyone. I can scan the Icelandic labels on supermarket foods and know instantly whether it is healthy, vegetarian, vegan, has what allergens (hint: they are written in CAPITAL LETTERS), etc, but I get nervous even facing the cashier.

I have a feeling that this social anxiety will be with me forever. It’s alright if I can work alone.

Goals for the rest of my days here: Take a few photos of “ponies in Iceland”, go on an aurora tour, not feel miserable too much.


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