Desember 27 – Graffitis

Today I went to Bónus to see if they were putting the Jólakaka and other Christmas foods on sale. They were not, how strange.

Disappointed, I went around the supermarket down a small alleyway, and surprisingly uncovered an Esperanto center! They got the Verda Stelo, books in Esperanto, as well as a small introduction to Esperanto written in Icelandic.


Esperanto center in Iceland!

On the east wall of the Esperanto room, there was a giant graffiti flower.


Very complex graffiti on the wall of the Esperanto room.

Seriously, I haven’t mentioned yet, but Reykjavík is covered with graffitis. Look at it.

It’s amazing. There are graffitis on walls, garbage bins, road signs, etc. I think the only places where there aren’t any graffiti are inside the buildings. Considering that Reykjavík has very low crime rate, I think this is a good counterexample of the broken window theory.

I bought two Christmas cakes anyway, to see what they are. Jólakaka and Jólaterta.


Jólakaka, bought in Bónus.


Jólaterta, bought in Bónus.

Their mass is composed of 30% sugar and 15% fat. Amazing. Jólakaka is like very sweet ordinary cake, but a lot drier and thus breaks into bits easily. It contains raisins. Jólaterta is very sweet, made of alternating layers of hard cake and red bean paste.


Jólaterta Myllunnar.

Jólaterta, with jam and cream.

Spoiler: I threw away both of them without finishing them. Too sweet.


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