Desember 25 – Jól


This is me, except I didn’t get a letter from Santa. And I really want to be a pony. Did I mention I really want to be a pony?

Anyway, today I didn’t go out. There would be little point in doing so anyway, considering that almost everything is closed today, except 10-11, which is a 24/7 convenience shop in Iceland, like 7/11. I wonder if they also have discounts on October 11th? Or should it be on November 10th? But 10-11 is expensive — about 2.5 times as expensive as Bónus supermarket, so I wouldn’t go to 10-11 anyway.

I spent the day on the Internet and studying mathematics. I should definitely get to translating that LGBT info sheet I got from Háskóli Íslands soon.

At about 6 pm, music starts to come in from the outside. I was mildly amused that I recognized some of them as American music.


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