Desember 24 – Jólanóttin

I was lonely. Very lonely, on the day before Christmas, or Jól as it is called in Icelandic. Before Christmas, there was Yuletide, and the name of Yule remains in Iceland as Jól.

The window pain was covered with fog, and I drew on it to express my solitary sorrows. Water droplets collected around the strokes of eyelashes and flowed down like tears.

It faded like a ghost on the window.

Weeping self-portrait on the glass pane.

Then I went to Tjörn to see if anything interesting would happen. There was someone with a big black bag of bread, feeding all the fowls.

In the evening, I went to the Salvation Army’s Guesthouse, because someone told me that there would be free food. I set out at 7 pm and the wind was so great it almost ripped my earmuffs off, and I couldn’t feel my fingertips after just several minutes of operating my touchscreen phone.

Walking down Austurstræti, I notice a familiar contour. It’s the joke plate!


This is certainly not a joke…

Í hvað fer Jólakötturinn? Hundana.
Who is the Christmas Cat’s nemesis? The Easter Bunny.


To what does the Yulecat go? The dog.



I couldn’t find the guesthouse, and had to rely on a stray wifi signal while walking on the streets, to access Google Map. I finally arrived at the guesthouse, but it was closed and dark, only a piece of paper on the window. Fortunately I could read what was written:
“Jólamatur í Raðhúsi Reykjavíkur, kl. 5 pm.”
“Christmas food in Raðhús Reykjavíkur. Time 5 pm.”

So I went to Raðhús, and there were… so many people. So many. Reykjavík streets are usually not crowded, nowhere nearly as crowded as Sydney could be, and it was stressful for me to suddenly see like hundreds of people sitting in a small space. I was almost going to run away immediately, but the promise of free food kept me resolute.

Muttering, “don’t panic, don’t panic, nopony sees you, you don’t exist…” I sailed across the sea of humans and reached the shore where the plates and food were located. There were two square plates full of chopped meat, and a cylinder of potato balls. I got some potato balls and mustard sauce in it.

The potato balls were sweet

Potato balls and mustard sauce.

Then I held the plate and tried to find a place to sit, which was even more stressful since now I had to approach the tables full of humans and look for vacancies. After wandering for a few minutes I settled on a vacant corner and proceeded to eat while pretending I don’t exist. Fortunately I finished eating without having a panic attack.

Windows tókst ekki að virkja



eldur – fire
Windows tókst ekki að virkja – Windows failed to activate

I've received two diagnoses of social anxiety.

Almost had a panic attack there.


On the next day, I painted the scene of me drawing on the window pain.

Christmas rainbow light necklaces!

The Weeping Pony


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