Desember 22 – Hagkaup

Today I walked like 8 km, to Hagkaup supermarket and back. The best thing about Hagkaup is that it’s open 24 hr a day. The less good thing is that everything there is like 1.5 times the price in Bónus. I bought three flavors of cod kaviar, and even though they are labelled as “original”, “lightly smoked”, “creamy and mild”, they all taste the same, except with different degrees of saltiness (they are all too salty).Map

On the way back I saw a flower shop. I don’t know if it’s called holly or mistletoe, but it made me miss Pinkamena all of a sudden.

Also, notice something strange about this “Welcome” sign outside of a Subway shop?


Velkomin(n), a demonstration of the severe un-gender-neutralness of Icelandic

In Icelandic grammar, gender is so prevalent that even a greeting has different forms. “Velkomin” is for females, “Velkominn” is for males. Similarly, “Sæl” is for femals, “Sæll” is for males.

As a result it becomes a lot harder to make gender-neutral language. I think I’ll talk about this a bit later — I just got a leaflet from Háskóli Íslands that talks about queer issues in both Icelandic and English… Translating it will be difficult but will also explain a bit how queer issues are in Iceland.

I whiled away the rest of the day talking to and playing with my friend online. Tomorrow I will take a break from all the traveling.


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