Desember 21 – Aimlessly

I’m going to run out of synonyms for “going around without a specific target” soon, when that happens maybe I’ll start using Icelandic synonyms.

What can I say? I am a πλανήτης, a wanderer.

I went out at 8 am, very early. The sky was going to stay dark for another 3 hours. I first went to Raðhús, but it was not yet open. It was dark and nobody was on the ice of Tjörn, so I decided to not walk on it. I went to the national museum, but it was closed for today, so I proceeded to Háskóli Íslands (University of Iceland) and found Bóksala Stúdenta (student bookstore).

The bookstore sold the popular books like the other bookstores I found in Reykjavík, but they were cheaper for some reason. The post card cost 60 kr while in central Reykjavík they cost 99 kr. It also sold textbooks on mathematics, geology, geography, languages, law, economy, etc. I ended up reading a mathematics book “Randomness and Complexity” for an hour. I checked the “Icelandic language for foreigners” section but it’s less useful than what one can find for free online.


The main building of the university, as well as the building where the bookstore is

I left the university and wondered around for a bit in the snow that was growing stronger.

I petted a yellow cat with collar. It was interesting because I was also dressed like a cat — I have cat ear muffs, kitten mittens, and even a choker with cat bell (bought from an actual pet shop!).

The yellow cat was alone wondering near the national museum. It was snowing heavily, and I was sitting on the bench when the cat came and stayed with me for a few minutes before going away. I’m not sure why they rubbed my pants and kitten mittens, but I hope it’s a gesture of friendship…


The cat looked like this.

Sad, but that little meeting was the closest contact I have had with any living creature irl since I have come to Iceland. Sure I fed a bunch of geese yesterday but they ran away as soon as I ran out of bread, also a honking swan bit me.

As we were sitting together, about 100 children poured into the museum. The museum is closed on Mondays, but there was a children’s program today. This reminds me that the last time I had a school organized outing was in my ex-college, on a geology trip (fact: it was tiring and boring, and worse, I had to write a report on it).

So I walked down Hringbraut, and the snow kept falling. My hair and coat were speckled with white. Across Vatnsmýri (water mire) there were geese on the side of the road, and then I found a little infobooth where the preservation efforts for Vatnsmýri are described.


I went up the slender pedestrian bridge and got near BSÍ station, then proceeded north to get back to my room.


Notice how the snow is making white streaks on the photo.


After I went back to my room, a great loneliness hit me, so I went to the supermarket to by some American junk food.



The worthless American junk food filled me with warmth (900 kcal) and mitigated my homesickness.


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