Desember 20 – Foods

My mother has lots of unchallenged beliefs about food, that’s why eating is so simple for her. I have been challenging her beliefs in food for several times and I have always won. She thought it’s not good to eat potato as staple food, and I did just that for two years. She thought it’s not good to not eat meat, and I did that since 2012 June.

Since coming to Iceland, I have intentionally not eaten any “cooked” food. By “cooked” food, I mean food that is, well, heat-processed immediately before being eaten. That means I can eat muffins,  hrökkbrauð (Icelandic crispbread), some other baked goods, canned food, yogurt, skyr (Icelandic fatless yogurt), sauce and spices, multivitamin pills, salad, cheese, and a few other things.

Today I tried some baked goods and cheese products that seem to be only available in Iceland, and here are the results:

Bláfjalla rúnstykki (blue mountain roll) – I bought it in Köku Kompaníið, for 170 kr. It tastes like ordinary ellipsoidal bread (that is, “bread roll”).



Ostaslaufur (cheese bowtie) – I bought it in Köku Kompaníið, for 360 kr. It is a long hollow bread with cheese inside. It tastes like cheese and bread.



Otarúlla (cheese roll) – A literal stick of fat. I threw away most of it.

Höfðingi white and blue cheese – Tastes like American blue cheese, but milder. It’s tolerable, but still tastes like wall paint.

höfðingi cheese

Höfðingi means “chieftain”.

Kastali white cheese – tastes like american blue cheese, but milder, and sweeter, and less bitter. I like it, a bit.
wait a minute, I take that back. Some bits of it taste just like wall paint. Yuk.

Bónda Brie – It’s definitely not like wall paint. It’s kind hard and sweet. It’s my least hate among the three cheese I tried today.

Oh, and a joke plate too!


This time the English translation is 100% accurate.

Window Peeper is a Yule Lad that likes to peep into windows. At a greenhouse, he would be unsure which glass pane is the window, thus feel uncertain.

This joke…


Not Bad


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