Desember 19 – Wondering

I spent the morning writing up journal entries. At 10 am I went out and went east on Laugavegur, and reached the Icelandic Penis Museum (Hið Íslenzka Reðasafn). The entry was 1250 kr, or 8 euros.

On the way to the penis museum though, I found another pun plate. It was covered with a spray paint, but fortunately, I had a ballpoint pen, so I graffitized the graffiti in order to rereadablize (make it readable again) the pun plate.


What is written on the plate:

Hvað er í grænmetisskúffunni hans Bjúgnakrækis? Bulsur.
What does Sausage Swiper keep in his crisper drawer? Bulsur (Sausage with no meat).

Translation of the Icelandic part:

What is in the vegetable drawer (a drawer in fridge for storing vegetables) of Bjúgnakrækir? Bulsur.

Bjúgnakrækir is a Yule Lad who steals sausages. Bulsur is an Icelandic vegetarian/vegan sausage.

Grænmetispylsur - Vegetable sausage

Contains Icelandit barley, beans, almont, seeds, and other… gúmmulaði?

This joke…


Back to the penis museum.

It was slightly underwhelming, actually. It had about 200 penises and some bizarre artworks full of phallic symbols. My favorite is a French official’s stick made from bovine penis. I almost fell asleep in the book room (which has a phone with a receiver in the shape of a human penis) because I was so tired after walking so much the previous day.

actually kind of cute

Elk penis with lots of fur attached to it

Then I walked west to buy the two books in the national museum bookstore that I had chosen yesterday.

On the way to the bookstore, I saw burning red candles on the street outside of some shop doors, probably a Yule tradition. I also sneaked in a travel agency and ate their free cookies.

the freeness made the cookies tastier


mmmmm cookies

Fun fact: in Icelandic, “kaka” both means “cookie” and “cake”.

After buying the books, it was almost 3 pm, and it’s getting dark. I went across the Tjörn again, to the Raðhús because I needed to use the little filly’s room. As I walked across the north shore of Tjörn, I realized that the ground was covered with green bird poop. Unsurprising, really, since all the birds were playing there during the day. I guess someone must be in charge of cleaning that part at night, since that ground was clean every morning.

As I was exiting the Raðhús I realized that I had lost my left glove. Despite vigorous searching, I could not find it. That loss cast a shadow over my heart, and thus I went to a bakery called The Cake Company (Köku Kompaníið) and engaged in compensation eating — I bought a klenät, the Icelandic donut. It cost 220 kr… and tasted exactly like American fried donut. It seriously is just diamond-shaped fried donut.



I also bought a cube of Icelandic rye bread (Rúgbrauð). It tasted exactly like German rye bread (pumpernickel), which I had eaten plenty in America.

I was planning to buy a chunk of Icelandic Yule cake (Jólakaka) too, but then I read the nutrition label and realized it was literally made of 1/3 sugar and 1/4 oil. I guess it’s ok, compared to a bag of fried onion I found in the supermarket… that has 55 grams of fat in every 100 grams.


lol ur fat

How does “lol” translate into Icelandic? ¿h0w ð0e5 1ce1and¡c 13375p33k w0rk anyway?



And this is the map for today’s travels. 5 km


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