Desember 18 – I got lost… (Part 2)

I departed and headed back, but it started to snow and I was uncertain of direction. The compass I brought told me that north is one way, but I distrusted it. The snow got bigger and the sea (which I thought was Tjörn lake) melted into the sky. I kept walking towards the lights in the distance, which I thought was the city center, but after about 20 minutes, I saw they were runways of the airport… Then I realized that I had been walking south on Ægisíða the whole time, and almost reached Reykjavík Airport (Reykjavíkflugvöllur).

Map_to Tjörn

I was getting cold and started to backtrack slowly. The snow was abating, and after a lengthy but uneventful journey I managed to get back to Tjörn, where something fun happened.

On the west shore of Tjörn I saw a dog running onto the ice surface and sliding on it, and their owner following. Carefully, I stepped on it as well, and followed their tracks closely. The dog kept spinning around and around chasing the end of their leash, and sliding all the time. I walked onto a little island in the center and looked around. It was a mere patch of mossy rock with absolutely nothing of interest.

As I was walking to the north, three Icelanders started dispersing bread crumbs at the north end, and as they marched towards me, they were followed by an army of geese, swan, and other birds. The trumpet swans trumpeted loudly like army band. I started filming and followed their movements while walking backwards to keep filming, and almost slipped.

They reached the little island and we were surrounded by birds. They gave me a slice and I threw half of it into the crowd. A lucky goose got it in their beak and was immediately chased by a few others. A few minutes later the lucky goose was still being chased.

A few minutes later they stopped giving out the bread, so the army took off and flew back to the north shore.

Map_to base

I finally returned to my room. I was exhausted after walking 10 kilometers.

Complete Map

This is the complete route map for today. 10 km in total.


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