Desember 17 – Postcards

Since my trip is sponsored by my parents, I am expected to make them amused somewhat during the trip.

So I bought postcards.Two for my parents and one for my friend. Then I went to the post office (Pósturinn), but as I was entering the pedestrian street of Austurstæti, disaster strikes!

This isn't even remotely funny anymore.



Hvað fer ofboðslega í taugarnar á Stúfur? Smámunasemi.
What makes Stúfur very irritated? Excessive attention to details.

Is this even a pun anymore?


Back to postcards. The Icelandic Post Office has the mail prices online, as well as the delivery time.

For a postcard out of Iceland, it would count as “0-50 g International Mail”. A Priority mail to destination outside of Europe costs 240 ISK, and takes 1 to 3 weeks to deliver; to destination inside of Europe costs 180 ISK, and takes less than 1 week to deliver.


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