Desember 16 – Venturing outside again

So the past few days have been… a bit sorrowful. I ended up having a bit of loneliness depression and didn’t do much of anything. But today I ventured outside again.

Going down the now familiar Laugavegur, I looked outside, and saw this.


Harpa concert hall against sunshine-crested mountains

The sunshine was kind of strange to look at. When was the last time I saw sunshine? Must be a week ago in Hong Kong… The sunshine does make the light and shadow very contrasted, good for an oil painting.

Then I went south on Lækjargata. Apparently “WC” stands for public toilet in Iceland. Good to know!

Also, note that the “coin slot” is actually not for coins. I didn’t really figure out how it works, but basically you press a button and it will open, then stay closed until you push the handle from inside… I accidentally ended up closing the door while I’m still outside, oops. Run away!

Then I went south on Lækjargata to go to Raðhúsið Reykjavíkur again, but then at the north shore of Tjörn, this happens.

You blockhead!




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