Desember 12, 13, 14, 15 – Depression

Desember 12 – Had a bout of loneliness depression. Possible cause include a lack of a certain pink pony’s companionship, a lack of understanding of Icelandic language and the subsequent sense of being out-of-place, a confusion of biological clock due to the 20-hour-long night of Iceland.

Desember 13 – Did an art in the morning to relieve the sadness. Had a chat with friend too. In the afternoon I went to the supermarket to gather up information about the food prices.

Desember 14 – Did more art. Went to the supermarket again to figure out some details of the price lists, then finalized the data entry of the supermarket prices. I will publish the report of supermarket prices later.

Desember 15 – Did more art. Stayed in my room all day.

Takk Fyrir

This Story is Happy End


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