Desember 11 – Books and stuff

I started off today by going to the Raðhús Reykjavíkur and getting some more maps for my friend. They are pretty maps. I then proceeded forward, but couldn’t find the Eymundsson bookstore, so I turned back and went to Kaffitár for




This shows that the price of 1 cup of coffee is about 500 kr.

From there, I went back to Mál og Menning, to double check the prices of stationeries, as well as to decide what books to buy.


Minecraft Combat Handbook, in Icelandic!

And I found a giant book called Atlas of Iceland. It’s like somebody tried to use Google Earth offline, and ended up with a giant piece of paper artifact that is 10 kg heavy and costs 200 dollars.

I also visited the other Eymundsson bookstore (Eymundsson is a chain of bookstores) which is close to Mál og Menning. It had a café inside it too, but as usual, being a stingy pone, I didn’t buy anything!

Oh and this again…

Það haldar áfram að gerast!

It keeps happening!


Hvert er uppáhalds súkkulaðið hans Stekkjarstaurs? Súkkulaðistaur.
What is the favorite chocolate of Stekkjarstaurs? Chocolate pole (I don’t know, maybe a kebab made of chocolate?).

This time the pun doesn’t even remotely work in English!


So… after looking through more bookstores, including a second-hand bookstore called Bókakjallarinn (it also sells Icelandic porn magazines published several decades ago, for some reason), I decided to buy the following books:


Flóttinn til skýjanna, Litli prinsinn, and Ljósaskipti. The escape to the clouds, The little prince, and Twilight.

I hope that when I return, I’ll have Icelandic skills enough to… if not enough to read Litli prinsinn, at least Ljósaskipti, since I heard that Twilight is not a difficult novel to read.


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