Desember 10 – I found books

This morning I wrote the last journal, then just before the afternoon I went out.

I first went to 12 Tónar, but first, what are these things I found on the mailbox?
Hæð til vinstri – floor to the left
Hæð til hægri – floor to the right

Keep going to 12 Tónar. The shopkeeper gave me a cup of very bitter coffee. I asked for Sigur Rós and he led me downstairs. There were the normal things like Sigur Rós, Sóley…


Sóley’s album, Don’t Ever Listen

as well as… this?

Actually a human wearing a horse mask.

So majestic.

Keep going… to the bookshop, Mál og Menning (Language and Culture)! But what is this, at the door of the bookshop?


The adventures of horrible puns continue.


Hvað heitir dúett þeirra Skyrgáms og Bjúgnakrækis? Skyrbjúgur.
What is the duet of Skyrgám and Bjúgnakræki called? Skyr edema.

… This pun sucks.

Screencap from It ain't easy being breezies

Yup, definitely sucks.

The bookshop has 5 floors. Floor 1 has some trinkets and garbage books, such as


(Not translated into Icelandic)

Floor 2 has a lot of substantial books. There were the Gjafabækur (gift books), Myndlistarbækur (picture/movie art books, mynd + list + bækur), Ljóðabækur (poem books), Fræðibækur (science books), Lærdómsritin (academic… something), Listir (arts), Ævisögur (biographies, ævi (life) + sögur (stories)).

Floor 3 has English books. All the popular ones, just like any popular bookstore in America would look like.

Floor -1 has tons of stationeries. I spent about 2 hours carefully noting down the prices of everything I’d ever need, should I ever decide to go to University of Iceland and spend three years on a degree in Icelandic Language. I’ll give a detailed catalog of the stationeries later.

There were also board games and toys!


Icelandic Yatzy, price: 1300 kr


Landnemarnir á Catan, price: 9500 kr

Floor -2 has children’s books, perfect! It has books that are easy enough for beginners, as well as more difficult ones, all the way up to translations of Harry Potter.

and… what is this?


Fyrsta Púslbókin “The first puzzle book”, 3 years or older

HOLY CELESTIA. Ponies in Iceland!


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