Finally in Iceland

After a protracted journey through three plane trips (no direct flight from Iceland to Hong Kong), I finally arrived in Iceland.

Hong Kong to Beijing:

20151208_151219Celestiadamn it, Beijing, it’s just 3pm and you are dark as buck (it’s the smog).

Then Beijing to Copenhagen. It was 10 hours long and I amused myself by doing origami tessellations from the paper on the meal tray, one of them is the snowflake, the other is the weave. I gave the weave to the neighbor, who was going to Malmö to see his family.

20151209_024617The ominous black snowflake.

Then Copenhagen to Reykjavík. The plane was full of Icelanders. It’s the first time in my life I heard a real human speaking Icelandic! Before that moment, Icelandic had been mythological to me, seemingly something not spoken by real humans.

The Keflavík airport was small and I bought a Vodaphone card at the supermarket right outside of the exit. Fun fact: don’t buy the bottled water, because the tap water is perfectly drinkable.

20151209_015522Something tells me that fish is probably pretty important in Iceland.

Then as I was typing this, it suddenly started to snow! … and 20 minutes later, it stopped. Well, true to its famed fast-changing weather pattern.

Tomorrow I’ll go shopping in Bónus. Gonna buy like a kilogram of skyr.


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