Desember 27 – Graffitis

Today I went to Bónus to see if they were putting the Jólakaka and other Christmas foods on sale. They were not, how strange.

Disappointed, I went around the supermarket down a small alleyway, and surprisingly uncovered an Esperanto center! They got the Verda Stelo, books in Esperanto, as well as a small introduction to Esperanto written in Icelandic.

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Desember 28 – Half-way Point

I’ve been in Iceland for 20 days… and only 14 more days before I’ll go back home. I feel ambivalent. I usually write my journal entries on what I see and feel about them, but this time I can write more freely.

I came here to experience what living in Reykjavík in winter is like, and get better at Icelandic. I have accomplished the first goal commendably, but not the second goal. I can walk all the way to Seltjarnarnes (the town on on the west of Reykjavík) and back, in a snowing night, but I haven’t spoken a single Icelandic sentence with anyone. I can scan the Icelandic labels on supermarket foods and know instantly whether it is healthy, vegetarian, vegan, has what allergens (hint: they are written in CAPITAL LETTERS), etc, but I get nervous even facing the cashier.

I have a feeling that this social anxiety will be with me forever. It’s alright if I can work alone.

Goals for the rest of my days here: Take a few photos of “ponies in Iceland”, go on an aurora tour, not feel miserable too much.


Desember 25 – Jól


This is me, except I didn’t get a letter from Santa. And I really want to be a pony. Did I mention I really want to be a pony?

Anyway, today I didn’t go out. There would be little point in doing so anyway, considering that almost everything is closed today, except 10-11, which is a 24/7 convenience shop in Iceland, like 7/11. I wonder if they also have discounts on October 11th? Or should it be on November 10th? But 10-11 is expensive — about 2.5 times as expensive as Bónus supermarket, so I wouldn’t go to 10-11 anyway.

I spent the day on the Internet and studying mathematics. I should definitely get to translating that LGBT info sheet I got from Háskóli Íslands soon.

At about 6 pm, music starts to come in from the outside. I was mildly amused that I recognized some of them as American music.


Desember 24 – Jólanóttin

I was lonely. Very lonely, on the day before Christmas, or Jól as it is called in Icelandic. Before Christmas, there was Yuletide, and the name of Yule remains in Iceland as Jól.

The window pain was covered with fog, and I drew on it to express my solitary sorrows. Water droplets collected around the strokes of eyelashes and flowed down like tears.

It faded like a ghost on the window.

Weeping self-portrait on the glass pane.

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Desember 22 – Hagkaup

Today I walked like 8 km, to Hagkaup supermarket and back. The best thing about Hagkaup is that it’s open 24 hr a day. The less good thing is that everything there is like 1.5 times the price in Bónus. I bought three flavors of cod kaviar, and even though they are labelled as “original”, “lightly smoked”, “creamy and mild”, they all taste the same, except with different degrees of saltiness (they are all too salty). Continue reading