Januar 9, 10, 11 – End

Yes, the travel is over. This blog is probably going to stop activities now.

On January 9 and 10, I didn’t do much, except staying in my room and packing and talking to Artline, and doing art.

On January 11, I went out at 03:30 to catch the bus to Keflavík International Airport. The plane to Arlanda took 3 hours. Then I took another plane to Hong Kong. During the 10 hour flight, I completed classification of 10 out of the 17 wallpaper groups, with only a pencil, my notebook, and my imagination. (I just checked and my classification is correct so far. Well, only 7 more to classify!)


Januar 8 – Riding an Icelandic pony

So today I went to ride a pony, from Eldhestar farm in Hveragerði. I had never rided a horse before.

We set off at 09:30, when the sky was still bluing.


The mountains surrounding Hveragerði.

Hveragerði is surrounded by low mountains called Reykjafjall (smoke mountain), and the underground is full of lava, so there were steams rising from some hot spring fields.

My horse was brown, with a small white spot on their forehead. They kept lagging and several times, the team leader had to hasten them to catch up. They also walked too close to low-hanging branches sometimes, which was unfortunate for me.

I also had the irresistible urge to draw cutie marks on their blank flanks.


That’s the only photo of me I’ll post here.



Januar 6, 7 – Arti gos 2 coolleg

January 6 was spent indoors, doing art.

January 7 was the day I went to Háskólinn í Reykjavík.

Look at her mane. The wind speed was off da charts. It was so windy it almost blew my earmuffs off.

I hanged around inside the college, and surprisingly I was not the only tourist there. A big group of tourists came down the stairs just as I was taking a photo.


artlæn gos 2 cool leg, yAy


Januar 5 – Northern Lights

Yes, today I finally saw the northern lights. Mission Accomplished.

I went to the Reykjavík old harbour to check where I need to board the ship. On the way there I found a giant field of snow, and I had an idea.

It took me quite some time, but I finished this giant cutie mark of mine. It’s a bit egotistical.

Also, at a shop I found some knifes.


At 21:00, the aurora boat set off to the sea. It was a bit faint, but I did for several times see green light, spanning up to 60° of the sky, and on one occasion I saw it moving like a ribbon. It was fairly close to the horizon, usually grazing the top of Mountain Esja, or above town Akranes.

Throughout the tour, I held Artline plushie high whenever the aurora was active, as if capturing the sight with the plushie’s eyes.


Januar 3 – Still No Northern Lights

Today I spent the day drawing and painting, as well as reading random things, waiting and waiting. The deadline (January 11) is really drawing near and I’m very sad about it.

I didn’t do much except waiting. Too bad that just after 17:00, I got an email saying that there won’t be a northern light tour tonight due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Will go again tomorrow.


Januar 2 – No Northern Lights

I need to go to the northern lights tour to fulfill an important request from Artline (my best friend, if it’s not already clear). She is not here in human, but at least her plushie is with me, and she wants to watch the northern lights. So despite aching legs (walked too much yesterday), I went to a travel agency to buy a Northern Lights bus tour from Sterna Travel.

I then wondered a bit on Laugavegur, and plötzlich:


Return of the pun plate.

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